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A window of opportunity: five things we’d rather see at TfL ticket kiosks

By Megan Carnegie

As part of TfL’s plans to modernise tube stations, all ticket windows will have disappeared by Christmas. In their place will be a load of Amazon pick-up points – because, let’s be honest, London doesn’t have enough of those. But if Time Out reigned supreme, we'd scrap the pick-up points and bring in these five nifty shortcuts. Boris, take note.

The Dirty Stopover Club

Last night’s Tinder date graduated to an adult sleepover and you have to go into work. Fear not, The Dirty Stopover Club will reinstate your dignity. Dispensing the tools to ensure you’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed: undies, a spritz of deodorant and those fuzzy toothbrushes you get at service stations off the M25. Your co-workers won’t suspect a thing.  

 The Great Wall of Chargers

The cruelest of social mishaps: your battery dies just as you leave to meet friends. With no time to turn around, you have to hope the kind man at the corner shop will take pity and let you plug in for five minutes. But then, like a mirage, The Great Wall of Chargers appears in the distance. iPhone, Android, Windows – all breeds are welcome here. It'll even provide soothing lounge music while you wait.

The Vending Machine Bar 

The Friday Klaxon has been blasted loud and clear, but the 6 o’clock drinks queue at your local is enough to kill the good vibes in their tracks. If only there was somewhere you could pick up an ice-cold tinny to tide you over until you elbow your way to the bar. That’s where The Vending Machine Bar comes in. No frills, no spills, just insert a £2 coin and wait for your weekend to begin. Fridays only though – we wouldn’t want things getting out of hand.

The One-Stop Shop for 'Man Flu'

As usual, your partner is offering no sympathy and refuses to share the supply of Strepsils. This one-stop shop would be on hand to dispense tissues, paracetamol and the occasional 'Oooh you poor thing'.

The Meditation Station

Mindfulness experts say you can meditate on public transport. They've obviously never tried doing it on a rickety Bakerloo line train, with a nose crammed in someone's armpit. Enter our soundproofed booth for seated meditation. Thirty minute slots, one at a time. Music choices include: Golden Silence or Wailing Whales. BYOI (Bring Your Own Incense).

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