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Attention: London's biggest gin bar is open NOW

Written by
Guy Parsons

I don't see nothin' wrong.. with a little G&T / with a little G&T...

Holborn Dining Room is a classy spot, boasting some of the most old-school decor in town. Now they've enhanced themselves immeasurably by bringing in HUNDREDS of different gins, with unusual, vintage and small-batch concoctions that not even Mr Gin of Ginsville, Ginnesota has likely heard of. And because mixers matter, they've got 27 different tonics to pair them with.

Just walk through these doors:

Settle in to your red leather and tartan-trimmed banquette:

Choose one of these fine friends:

Enjoy – this one has what looks like a very dry slice of lemon, a chilli pepper and a twig in it. Fancy!

Repeat the previous step as many times as desired, before going on a gin-fuelled rampage through their deli:

Now just get your Uber home, eat ALL the artisanal cheese, and pass our in a dreamy gin-induced haze: 

 Now that's living!

The Holborn Dining Room's Gin Bar is at 252 High Holborn. 

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