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Book your trip to Tatooine - the Star Wars Land theme park will open in 2019

Tom Huddleston

Holster that blaster and raise a glass of blue milk, because the long-promised Star Wars Land theme park is finally set to open in two years time. The bad news, of course, is that it's located at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, which isn't exactly handy for us in the UK (especially if the travel restrictions keep getting crazier). But there's surely nothing that'll stop a determined Star Wars fan: hop a plane, charter a yacht, clamber over a border wall, they'll get there in the end.

All we know about the park so far is that attendees will be able to 'pilot' a full-size replica of the Millennium Falcon, and that it'll be packed with characters in costume and recreated sets. Beyond that we're in the dark, aside from those frankly rather fanciful concept paintings (expect the end result to look slightly less intergalactic and slightly more plastic). But it's bound to be a blast - just the idea of bumping into a fully costumed Darth Vader or a free-roaming Artoo unit makes us grin from ear to ear.

Lest we forget, Disney are also set to open an 'Avatar' theme park, for anyone who still cares about blue hippies and dreadlock sex. We're fine on the Death Star, thanks.

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