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Browsing Instagram makes Londoners happier, as long as we don't see any selfies

By Hayley Spencer

Nothing makes us Londoners happier than an obscure pop-up or a niche new art exhibition, except documenting said visits and plastering the proof on Instagram, of course. According to a new survey, we're the happiest Instagrammers in the country, with 68 percent reporting feeling more jolly after using the app.

The study by Photowall also revealed that we check the app more than any users in any other city in the country (4.84 times a day to be exact). But we're not just getting a kick out of seeing our like count rise – the study found that we get the biggest mood boost from looking at travel destinations and cute animal snaps. Well, who doesn't like a video of a dog jumping into a ball pit?

But our over-filtered snaps aren't all a source of joy; in terms of Instagram downers there was an obvious winner: selfies. The study's findings showed that only 6 percent of people said they enjoyed looking at other people's selfies, and let's face it – they were probably lying.

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