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Calling all Harry Potter fans: you can now find out your true Patronus with this magical quiz

Isabelle Aron

Harry Potter fans are having a pretty magical week. On Monday, Harry Potter's childhood home went on sale (for a casual half a million pounds), and now the folks at Pottermore have created an official Patronus quiz.

In muggle-speak, a Patronus is a positive shield, which will protect you from those evil dementors. In the wizarding world, you'd need at least a few years at Hogwarts under your belt to cast a Patronus spell, but now us mere muggles can experience the magic by clicking a few buttons.

Once you've plugged in your headphones (there's suitably atmospheric music, obvs), you'll be asked to choose between certain words, such as 'blood' or 'bone' and 'forever' or 'sometimes'. So, not the kind of quiz you can really prep for, then. But you only get one chance to take the Patronus test, so make sure you choose your words wisely. 

It's not clear how many different  Patronus options there are, but we've seen others get chow dogs, stoats and hummingbirds. We got this sassy dolphin: 

Expecto Patronum! 

Take the quiz to find out your true Patronus

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