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Calling all massive and crew! We’ve found the greatest tube announcer on the Underground

Written by
Jon Cook

The Underground is an amazing thing. But let’s be honest; riding a cramped tube train to and from work every day is one of the worst things about living in London.

There’s not much to love about a commute that usually involves directly inhaling someone else’s breath as you cling to a greasy handrail in an effort to stop you and the rest of the carriage collapsing like dominos every time someone leans on a door and the train slams to a halt (seriously, guys, stop leaning on the doors). 

But life as a regular tube user needn’t be so bad. As a video that emerged over the weekend of a patois-speaking tube announcer at Victoria station shows, life on the Underground can be less Hieronymus Bosch, more Peter Tosh.


When soundsystem culture is in your blood!!!

Posted by Royal Marx Soundsystem on Thursday, 2 February 2017

Introduced only as 'my bredrin Karl' by the guy filming at the video’s start, within seconds the announcer is reeling off Caribbean patois like he’s toasting the mic for Channel One at Notting Hill Carnival.

'Yo my bredrin driver, you cool? Time to show the people some love you know.'

'Driver, bless up the massive, show them some love, stand clear! Me gotta get outta here. Respect driver.'

We have no idea who Karl is, but we like his positive message for the glum-faced commuters of London. Asked at the end for a message to the camera, he signs off:

'Remember people, it’s your life, you have to be happy. Remember, circumstances only make you stronger and better in life. One love and remember Jah is always on your side. Respect.'

No Karl, respect to YOU.

In other news, there's a new app to help pregnant women find a seat on the tube.

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