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Can you afford to buy Sherlock's Baker Street pad?


We've had lists of the richest and most influential fictional characters - now it's time for a list of the finest semi-fictional properties familiar from films and TV. So if you've ever wondered how much it'd really cost to pick up a sprawling Downton-style pile in the country or a bijou Sherlock-alike flat in Central London, here's your chance. You definitely can't afford either, of course, but where's the harm in looking?

Which? Mortgage Advisers have even thrown in a little advice for the potential loan applicant: Flat 5, Apollo House, Croydon from 'Peep Show' will cost you a mere £220,000, but might be a problem because of the railway nearby; while Buckingham Palace (as seen in 'The Crown') would be at least £2.2 billion, and require 'private specialist financing'. Sherlock's pad would go for £1.7 million - it's the location, darling - while potential Downton buyers would need to borrow a small-country-bankrupting 72 million smackers.

Here's just a handful of the top properties on offer: 













You can find the full list on Which's website.

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