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Check out these great pics of London wildlife, taken by you

By Time Out London editors

Back in July, when goosebumps and woolly jumpers were a distant memory, we asked you to share your photos of London’s urban wildlife. We wanted to celebrate the city’s green spaces – which remarkably make up almost half of the city – and to support the campaign to make London the world’s first National Park City.

Now we can reveal the winners, as chosen by award-winning wildlife photographer Mark Smith, and they’re a wonderful insight into another side of London. Feast your eyes on shy foxes, city centre meadows and gnarly trees, to name a few. And don’t forget to get out there and enjoy London’s green side – we live in a far wilder city than you might think.

Category: birds, beasts and bugs

WINNER: Manuel Guerra

‘While following this fox one night, I noticed that she might come out from underneath this old wooden gate. Lying down on the sidewalk, just a few feet away and completely still, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak. In wildlife photography, patience is key, and a lot of times you don't get what you expect!’

The judge’s verdict:

‘London and foxes go hand in glove. What I love about this image is the fox just peeping under the fence first, checking the coast is clear before he emerges. This captures how foxes manage to take over the city at night going largely unnoticed.’

RUNNER-UP: Rod Olukoya

'The South Bank is one of my favourite spots in London. On this occasion, it was bitterly cold and the snow was coming down. As I passed the London Eye, I noticed a flock of seagulls in the air creating a beautiful foreground to Westminster Bridge and the Palace of Westminster. My hands were frozen, but I felt that it might be a good shot to take. My next thought was, would the birds still be there by the time I got my camera out of my bag? Luckily for me, a few stuck around, and here is the result.’

 The judge’s verdict:

‘When I was looking through all the images, this really stood out as an interesting and well-composed shot. The black and white contrast adds to the drama of the mix of birds. It reminds you that the Thames is a tidal river, and how London is still strongly connected to the coast.’ 

Category: green and growing 

WINNER: Nicola Chilton

‘I work near The Barbican, and since they introduced these gardens it's been a favourite spot of mine to eat lunch. It feels like a meadow in the middle of London! I took this photo because I love the contrast of the bright popping colours and delicacy of the flowers against the brutal Barbican towers.’

 The judge’s verdict:

‘I really like how the three Barbican towers, an iconic London landmark, are shown set in the beautiful gardens below. This shot would resonate with anyone who works near Moorgate or London Wall as this area is an oasis in the heart of the city.’ 

RUNNER UP: Lucy White

‘My husband and I were going for a stroll along the Parkland Walk – an old railway line between Finsbury Park and Highgate – when I spotted this tree. The crumbling, graffiti-decorated wall, worn away by the roots, gave it an eerie feel like it could be home to a million creatures. I made it black and white to bring out the textures in the bark and the dappled light effect of the sun streaming through the branches.’

The judge’s verdict:

‘I really like how some urban areas have been taken back by nature. This shot reminds me of this and the Corporation of London cemeteries such as Highgate where nature has taken back the space.’ 

Category: people and places 

 WINNER: Lina Lyubomirova

‘I took this photo in Richmond on a cloudy day in August just as the sun was setting. The river Thames was out of its banks and the reflection of the clouds on the water in the street made the whole scene feel magical.’

The judge’s verdict:

‘This is a lovely summer shot by the river, showing the other side of urban London outside of the traditional city image. This is a popular spot and highlights the diverse nature of London's green spaces.’ 

RUNNER UP: Sarah Ward

‘This is a photograph of my friends Lynn and Georgina. We'd just had a picnic and wanted to stand up to our necks in lavender! I sneaked up on them because I'm not a fan of posed photographs and managed to capture a lovely moment. It’s a shame you can't see, but there were thousands of bees feeding here. This lavender patch is near Vauxhall station believe it or not, and from that day whenever I see a sign to Vauxhall, I think of this rather than drugs and clubs. A nice replacement!’ 

The judge’s verdict:

‘London has great outdoor spaces and this captures two people enjoying one of these great open spaces, on the doorstep for many people, but only explored by a few. This reminds us of how many of these spaces London has in such a densely populated city.’ 

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