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City envy: forget canalboats, we want Dubai's submarine apartments

Flo Wales Bonner

Sick of living on boring old dry land? Then our friends at Time Out Dubai have found the home for you: a submarine apartment. A 'Floating Seahorse' - of which there are 42 available, price on application - features an underwater master bedroom and bathroom, open-plan living space on sea level, and a top deck. (The developer, helpfully, describes it as 'essentially a boat'.) Just imagine you in this, bobbing around in the Thames just by Rotherhithe! Up yours, canalboats, we've got a submarine! Admittedly, you probably won't spot any exotic fish, but if the visibility's good you might see a discarded Oyster Card! Or a stray severed human limb! Okay so it will be a little gross and impractical, but we reckon loads of Londoners would still be on board.

If that doesn't float your boat, take a look at Melbourne's chocolate brewhouse.

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