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City envy: we want New York's boozy accountants

Flo Wales Bonner

No matter what the ads say, tax is definitely 100 percent taxing. Really, really, really bloody taxing. Just ask anyone in the UK who has just had to file their return. It's pure, unadulterated, overcomplicated, miserable torture. But Brooklyn bar Yours Sincerely has come up with a way of making the whole process a hell of a lot less painful for New Yorkers currently tackling theirs.


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Here's how it works: you head down at a specified time, and an in-house accountant will do your taxes while you literally sit there drinking cocktails. It does come at a price but, at around £92 an hour, it's less than a lot of accountants charge, and not many of them will ply you with Sex on the Beach while you wait. You do the maths: booze, minus paperwork, divided by top-notch accountancy equals good times!


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We also want a Larry David café like Melbourne.


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