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Regent's Canal towpath
© Sara Melhuish

Classic London Instagram shots: Regents Canal

Flora Tonking

Scroll through any Londoner's Instagram feed – and many tourists' – and you'll probably spot a few familiar pics. From the view of Big Ben shot through the archway on the South Bank to the rounded dome of St Paul's Cathedral, Instagram has created a city iconography all of its own. In this series, blogger Flora Tonking will be showcasing those classic London Instagram shots, and also sharing some of her favourite unique takes on them.

This post, we're mooching along the Regents Canal.

The classic shot


A photo posted by Matthew Powell (@powellyparkroad) on

Running from Paddington in the west to Limehouse and the Thames in the east, the Regents Canal is a relic of London's industrial past. Until the faster and more efficient railway took over, the canal carried many tonnes of building materials to London's growing areas and coal to its factories. Today, it's a place for houseboats, waterfowl, cute canalside cafes and graffiti-tagged bridges. Come take an Instagram stroll with us along the canal and see for yourself...  

Here are 15 alternative takes...

1. Through the keyhole


A photo posted by @jpcaseley on


2. Under the bridge


A photo posted by Kirsty Mann (@kurdymann) on

3. Great balls of fire


A photo posted by Aparna Iyengar (@aparnaiyengar) on

4. Boat's eye view


A photo posted by Tânia Paes (@taniapaes) on

5. Messing about in boats


A photo posted by Harriet (@harrietthephototaker) on

6. A little canal-side art


A photo posted by ArtUnderTheHood (@artunderthehood) on

7. Hey, you guys!


A photo posted by Aakash Mehta (@kuchbhimehta) on

8. Boat crew stand-off

9. If Kermit had a canal boat...


A photo posted by Mr P (@what_gwan_photography) on

10. Water bird


A photo posted by Adam Thow (@adamthow) on

11. Sundown


A photo posted by Ruth Clark (@ruthclark91) on


12. Amy, Amy, Amy


A photo posted by @jennyyujia on

13. Those pesky Pokémon get everywhere


A photo posted by Leebus (@leebuscooper) on

14. Weedy


A photo posted by Jamie Johnstone (@jickstumps) on


15. Hold up 


A photo posted by Alex Lee (@_alextlee) on

For more classic Insta pics, check out these shots of the London Underground platform.

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