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Classic London Instagram shots: the London Underground platform

Flora Tonking

Scroll through any Londoner's Instagram feed – and many tourists' – and you'll probably spot a few familiar pics. From the view of Big Ben shot through the archway on the South Bank to the rounded dome of St Paul's Cathedral, Instagram has created a city iconography all of its own. In this series, blogger Flora Tonking will be showcasing those classic London Instagram shots, and also sharing some of her favourite unique takes on them.

This post, we're going underground to check out how we're all 'gramming the tube.

The classic shot


A photo posted by Maxim Kazantsev (@mkaz) on

Waiting for the next tube train can be a bit of a snooze – if you're not busy fighting your way to the front of the platform to get on an early morning Victoria line train, that is. And now, with most of us able to access the joy that is free wifi while we're hanging around at the station the London Underground has become a popular subject for Londoners' Instagram posts – from arty shots of curving tunnels to the capturing of a train as it whizzes by in a blur. The opportunities are endless!

15 alternative takes from the platform


1. Bullet train


A photo posted by Ryan Zerbe (@radredbeard) on


2. Please stand behind the yellow line...


A photo posted by @maurococcoli on


3. ...especially you, Teddy.


A photo posted by Wallace (@wallace.the.lost.bear) on


4. A platform of your own – the commuter's dream.


A photo posted by So-Yeon Kim (@imakepiccies) on


5. The reality – commuter hell.


A photo posted by The Inside Edit (@theinsideedit) on


6. That awkward moment when your trainers match your seat on the tube.


7. Even cartoon heroes get the tube.


A photo posted by Rod Oliveira (@oliveirarod) on


8. The perfect album cover shot.


9. Wires for days.


A photo posted by Justin Ward (@wardjustinp) on  


10. Lost and found.


A photo posted by staceybearne (@staceybearne) on


11. 'The train now waiting at platform two...'


A photo posted by @rikmoran on


12. Ghost platform.


A photo posted by @louisetrundley on  


13. The tube misses Bowie too.


A photo posted by Frost Olson (@frostolson) on


14. Tiny Lego trainspotter.


A photo posted by Colm (@collyjkelly) on


15. 'I'm just going to lie down here and have a little nap – wake me up when Monday morning is over.'

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