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Classic London shots on Instagram: Millennium Bridge

Flora Tonking

Scroll through any Londoner's Instagram feed – and many tourists' – and you'll probably spot a few familiar pics. From the view of Big Ben shot through the archway on the South Bank to the rounded dome of St Paul's Cathedral, Instagram has created a city iconography all of its own. In this new series, blogger Flora Tonking will be showcasing those classic London Instagram shots, and also sharing some of her favourite unique takes on them.

First up, it's the Millennium Bridge.

The Classic Shot


A photo posted by Jenny (@jentwistle17) on

The view across the London Millennium Bridge between St Paul’s and the Tate Modern on the South Bank is as familiar to visitors to London as it is to locals. With a hugely popular tourist destination at each end, ‘the Wobbly Bridge’ as it was nicknamed when it opened in 2000 (thanks to a few teething troubles with its engineering) has become something of a photographer's destination in its own right.

Here are 12 alternative takes of the bridge: 

1. The moody night shot


2. DOG!


A photo posted by Emma (@emmaohey) on


3. Lining up the perfect shot


A photo posted by Helena (@intehelena) on


4. Ommmmmmm...


A photo posted by Laurent Roure (@yogalaurent) on


5. Wait, wasn't there a cathedral there before?


A photo posted by Alex Pardoe (@digitalpardoe) on


6. Baby, you're a firework


A photo posted by Nicolas Ioannou (@nic_ioannou) on


7. The jumping shot


A photo posted by Usama Khalid (@_usamakhalid) on


8. The low down


9. The rarest shot of all - a bridge without any people


A photo posted by Anthony (@_shoottheworld_) on


10. It wouldn't be London without a bit of rain


A photo posted by Adonia (@adonia) on


11. Ghostly invaders


A photo posted by laura ☺ (@hausoflaura1) on


12.  Fish-eye


A photo posted by Jean-Pierre Lavoie (@photojpl) on


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