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Clerkenwell Boy's tips for a perfectly Instagrammed breakfast

Kate Lloyd

We're celebrating Breakfast Week for the next seven days by tucking into as many of the best breakfasts in London as we can. But what's the point in eating if no-one's seen a beautifully filtered snap of our meal? We asked pro-Instagrammer @ClerkenwellBoyEC1 for his tips for taking super snaps of eggs, avo and more. He has 124,000 followers, so he knows what he's talking about. 

What's the best angle to shoot from?

'I prefer to take top down shots. It helps to give a sense of the dishes on offer and overall atmosphere.'

Is there a particularly good way to lay out food for an Instagram shot?

'Try to think in squares (or the new portrait format) and be conscious of what's going to fit within the frame.'

Which foods look great on camera? 

'Oozy organic eggs, crispy bacon, smashed avocado and great latte art always looks good for breakfast.'

How do you get your lighting right?

'Make sure there's plenty of natural daylight and avoid using flash.'

What filters are most flattering for food?

'I'm not a massive user of filters but 'Clarendon' is quite useful for making anything green really pop (salad leaves, matcha lattes and avocado dishes).' 

Does taking pictures of breakfast have different challenges to taking pictures of lunch and dinner?

'Breakfast pictures can sometimes be challenging, especially on dark and cold winter mornings. I find brunch shots are usually easier as mid-morning lighting is pretty much perfect.'

Any common errors you see people making?

'Try to avoid getting a shadow of your phone into your shots. Hold your phone higher and take a step back to ensure the shadow is out of the shot or at least not on top of the food (if it's still visible try to crop it out of your final picture before you post).'

Any other tips?

'Try to recommend your local favourites or undiscovered gems. My favourites include the bacon and egg naan at Dishoom and ricotta hotcakes with banana, maple syrup and honeycomb butter at Granger & Co.'

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