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Commuters at Holborn station are totally ignoring the new 'stand on the left' rule

Isabelle Aron
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Isabelle Aron

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TfL scrapped one of the fundamental rules of the Underground today, with the start of a six-month 'standing-only' escalator trial at Holborn tube station. In case people struggle with the concept, the folks at TfL have 'helpfully' painted blue footprints on both sides of the escalator, put up new signs and installed a creepy hologram type thing at the bottom of the escalators, to enforce the new rules.


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But it looks like a swanky hologram isn't enough to get Londoners following the new regime. As far as we can tell, people seem to just be totally ignoring the whole system:

Some people are particularly upset that they won't be able to get in a bit of morning cardio under the new rules:

But this person has really got their priorities right:

Forget exercise, how are we supposed to feel superior over clueless tourists anymore?!

Thankfully, it looks like no one is paying any attention to the new rules. With any luck, TfL will get bored with the whole thing and restore the natural order to the Underground soon.

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