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Conspiracy Week: there's an exhibition of fake news and alternative facts at the Photographers' Gallery

Tristan Parker

If you believe they put a man on the moon – you’re correct, ‘they’ did. But not everyone’s convinced. Conspiracy theories aren’t new, but in today’s post-truth world, crammed full of ever faker news, an exhibition exploring the phenomenon is more relevant than ever. Curated by writer Gordon McDonald, ‘Conspiracy Week’ at the Photographers’ Gallery looks at the role of images in all this conspiratorial confusion, through archive photos, slides, documents, talks and online projects. One of the digital offerings, ‘Selachimorpha’, uses a scene from ‘Jaws’ as a springboard to examine how pictures are mucked about with and then circulated on the internet. There’s even a selection of UFO photography from a former US Air Force pilot – it’s basically like walking through an episode of ‘The X-Files’. So, head down there and decipher what’s really going on in the world. The truth is out there, people. Or is it? Yeah, it really is.

Conspiracy Week is at the Photographers' Gallery. Fri Feb 10-Feb 19. £4 (free before noon).

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