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#DogsAtPollingStations is back for the London mayoral elections

Written by
Isabelle Aron

Today's a big day for London – Boris Johnson is hanging up his mayoral hat and people across the city will be voting to decide who will replace him. We won't find out the official result until tomorrow, but until then, here's something to keep you entertained. You may remember that in the General Election last year, people decided to liven up the voting process by snapping photographs of their dogs at the polling stations. Naturally, the internet went barking mad for it and now the same thing is happening in the mayoral elections, as well as other elections being held today across the UK. #DogsAtPollingStations is already trending on Twitter again, which means you can spend the rest of the day staring at cute pictures of dogs.

Can't get enough of those cute little pooches? Here are ten London dogs doing Instagram better than you.

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