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Ease your #tubestrike woes with this sweary map

Isabelle Aron

Click here for the live map

Even the most level-headed and soft-spoken commuters can find themselves getting a bit agitated during the tube strike. It's a stressful time for everyone involved and one of the most popular coping mechanisms is swearing. A lot. Even if people aren't muttering expletives as they squeeze themselves onto a sweaty Routemaster, then they're probably taking to Twitter to vent.

To find out just how much of a sweary bunch we all are, Shoreditch-based digital agency Impero has designed a live, interactive map that uses Twitter data to track every time a Londoner posts a potty-mouthed #tubestrike tweet or insults the Underground staff in some way. Unsurprisingly, we've been doing a whole lot of swearing and it turns out Londoners are particularly fond of the word 'fuck'. Well it's not like we have a reputation for being polite, is it?

If swearing isn't helping, here are some more ways to cheer yourself during the tube strike:

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