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Eat your way through the world's longest tasting menu at a 24-hour dinner party

Isabelle Aron

Eating out is a bit of a rushed affair these days – you spend all day staring at the menu online and then before you know it you've wolfed down your food, sunk a whole bottle of wine and you're outta there within an hour. Here to change that are those crazy cats Bompas & Parr, who are hosting a 24-hour dining experience featuring the world's longest tasting menu. Forget the usual measly three-course affair because these guys are serving up a 200-course menu. But before you start envisioning a 'Man vs Food' scenario, each dish will be a small plate, with courses served around every seven minutes and 14 seconds within the 24-hour period. There will be ten 'courses' in total, with each broken down into 20 dishes and served over a two-hour period. Oh, and each dish will be colour-coded – because why the heck not?

Tickets for the whole 24-hour event will set you back a clean £2,000, but if you haven't got that kind of money kicking around or your stomach isn't up to the challenge, you can also buy tickets for a two-hour slot. Either way, make sure you wear your stretchiest jeans and just be glad you're not doing the washing up.

Here are some snaps of some of the many, many courses you could be eating:

Tickets are £2,000 for the full 24 hours or you can book a two-hour slot for £99 before 10pm and £49 after 10pm. Book tickets here.

The Factory, 47–49 Tanner St, SE1 3PL. September 3–4, 8am–8am.

Want more cool stuff from Bompas & Parr? Take a look at their walk-in cocktail cloud in Borough Market.

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