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Eight things you'll know if you work in the City of London

Kat Romero

London is a 24/7 kind of town, constantly buzzing with endless new bars, restaurants, clubs and pop-ups – unless you find yourself working around the City of London. Here are eight things you'll be all too aware of if you work in the Square Mile. 

Nothing stays open late

Worked a little later than usual and fancy grabbing an artisan sandwich for the tube journey home? Sorry, that ship's sailed at 6pm (unless you're happy to settle for something fast and fried). Even family-run restaurants and cafés in rural England would scoff at these opening hours. 


Free coffee isn't bad at all ww Thanks #WaitroseCafe! #UK #London #coffee

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Everyone's trying to claim their free coffee

You may think Waitrose is pulling in the crowds because they're launching a new line of limited edition quail's eggs. But no ≠ Little Waitrose is one of the only spots you can get an early morning cuppa. And if you have a Waitrose card, that morning buzz is for free. Just be prepared to drown in a sea of pinstripe suits to get it.

Your favourite lunch spots are never open on a Bank Holiday or weekend

If you do have to suffer the injustice of working a Bank Holiday or weekend, you at least deserve to treat yourself to a tasty lunch. But don't get too excited about a visit to your favourite Lebanese grill or organic deli – those guys will be boarded up and enjoying a day off with everyone else. There’s always the bright lights of McDonald's...


Lower Thames Street in the City

The quiet streets around the CityKatRomero

The shopping is complete shit

The City has very little to offer in the way of clothes shopping. If you do get bullied into an unexpected posh dinner post work, prepare to clobber together an outfit from New Look and TK Maxx on your lunch break.

Seriously, NOTHING is open at the weekend

Fancy a workout before your Saturday night on the town? The gym will be closed. But hey, at least you’ve burned calories on your lunch break walking miles to find somewhere half decent and open to eat. 


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The wind is terrifying

The huge mass of skyscrapers creates terrifying wind tunnels that blow down the streets and make it feel like you’re walking through treacle. On particularly windy days, you may feel you need to tether yourself to a lamppost with your headphones just to stay on the ground. 

The tourists are plentiful

It may be lacking in shopping and the amenities may often be closed but you can still enjoy the crowds of tourists. All day, EVERY DAY. Flocking around the Monument column to take selfie stick snaps, the daft sods will send your lunchtime stress levels shooting even further through the roof.

Sunny days are like standing in front of a car exhaust

Remember in 2014 when the Walkie Talkie building reflected sunshine and melted cars? That just about sums up summer in the city. You're caged in by a wall of hot and reflective skyscrapers and forced to endure heat that feels as refreshing as standing underneath a dirty hand dryer. 


Check out photos of the City of London on a Sunday afternoon looking really quiet (naturally)

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