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Emma Watson has been hiding feminist books on the tube

Emma Watson hiding books on the tube

Were you paying attention on your commute this morning? Because while you were keeping your head down, avoiding all eye contact and generally wishing you were anywhere but on the Central line you might have missed something really special.

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has been sneaking around the tube network hiding copies of Maya Angelou's novel 'Mom & Me & Mom'. 



📚👀 @booksontheunderground @oursharedshelf #Mom&Me&Mom

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The book is Watson's current choice for her online book club Our Shared Shelf, which sees readers from all over the world discuss a new feminist novel every two months. And she's been hiding copies of the book as part of the Books on the Underground project. 



Each book also contains a hand written note from the UN Goodwill Ambassador and HeForShe campaigner, who has been doing a stellar job as a Books on the Underground Book Fairy. They have been popping up all over the place. 



Another piece of helpful advice, there. #booksontheunderground

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Lucky commuters who find a book are encouraged to read it before leaving it on the tube again for someone else to enjoy. In total there are 100 copies of the book somewhere on the Underground.

Better keep your eyes peeled on the way home... 

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Ben S

@Michael S Whoever is responsible for that look is clearly possessed darling. 

Michael S

@Ben S @Michael S That was amusing. I suppose insulting my style or lack there of makes what I said any less true. Think again.

Suzy B

I HATE feminist trash

Sean L

If I found any of those books I'd destroy them.

Thor C

Free toilet paper .

That's pretty cool.

Clayton J

Funny how a girl that's had everything handled for her and handed to her got named as Woman's Ambassador to the UN. She's never had a real woman's problem in her life.

Rachael F

@Clayton J and if she wasn't putting her fame and fortune to promote great causes you would complain. at least shes out doing something positive an making everyones commute that little bit more interesting.

Dave M

@Clayton J So now a man is going to determine what a real woman's problem is?

Amiera D

@Clayton J that's completely unfair. Who should speak up and out for others then? And what do you know of any "problem" she's had? You don't get to rate anyone's problems. And no one needs to qualify to help others. 

formulabill .

@Dave M @Clayton J And here comes the white knight to prove all women need rescuing by a beta male making feminism even more of a joke.

Tom T

@formulabill Look, an Alpha taking time to berate some Betas..... Nature in action! The redpill isn't here, don't let the door hit you on the way out princess.