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Errr... a naked restaurant is opening in London

Written by
Alexi Duggins

Dinner normally only involves you ending up face-to-face with a sausage if you've ordered a plate of bangers and mash. Not so at new pop-up restaurant The Bunyadi, which is going to offer diners the chance 'to experience true liberation' by eating a meal with their naughty bits out. 

The restaurant will be split into 'clothed' and 'unclothed' segments and will feature staff who are 'naked with only some covering', with diners asked to enter a changing room, disrobe until they are covered only by a gown and then choose if they want to wear said gown whilst eating.

The idea is that it's a dining experience 'free from the trappings of modern life', so expect food cooked on a fire, furniture that's been hand carved by an axe, candle-light instead of electricity and any medical emergencies being treated by leeches (okay, okay, we made that last bit up).

The creators are keen to stress that nudity is optional, but many questions abound: what if you spill the soup onto your lap? Will melons and chipolatas have to be removed from the menu in case of dreadful misunderstandings? What about splinters? We guess all will be revealed when it opens in June…

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