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EU must be kidding: referendum-inspired food and drink in London

Isabelle Aron

Politics and food aren't exactly a classic combination, but in the run-up to the EU referendum on June 23, places across London will be serving up politically-inspired food and drink. What does that involve, exactly? Well it's basically just an excuse to pit British and European flavours against each other in various forms - burgers, hot dogs, beer, you name it. Slightly pointless, yes, but tasty nonetheless. Here are six places to chew the fat on the EU referendum.

Square Pie's Brexit Bake Off (pictured above)

Vote with your tastebuds at Square Pie's Brexit bake off, where you can choose between an 'out' pie stuffed with British beef, wonky veg and home-brewed ale, or you can opt for the 'in' pie with a continental combination of toulouse, chorizo, bratwurst and pepperoni sausages in an Italian tomato sauce.

The Diner's Brexit burger-off

The folks at The Diner have come up with two special-edition burgers – the 'Le Dave' and the 'Sir Boris'. Sure, the names might not sound that appealing, but don't let that put you off. The 'Le Dave' is a French Charolais beef patty, topped with Swiss cheese and caramelised onions in a brioche bun, as well as a side of garlic chips, while the 'Le Boris' is a British ground chuck steak patty loaded with smoked applewood cheese and bacon on a floury bap. And instead of chips, you'll get a side of roast potatoes and gravy. 

40FT Brewery

If you're going to be chowing down on pies and burgers, then you're going to need some beer to wash it all down with. Luckily, the folks at 40FT Brewery, a micro-brewery based in Hackney, have created a 'Stronger in Europe' for the occasion. They'll be serving it up for one day only at 40FT Brewery’s Tap Room in Dalston on June 18. You'll be able to pay in Euros or Pounds, and you can have your say by tossing your empty cup in the 'in' bin or the 'out' bin.  

The Clash burger at The Blues Kitchen

There's more burger action over at the Blues Kitchen, but rather than a battle of the burgers, they've combined flavours from Britain and Europe to make one mighty burger, which they're calling 'The Clash'. The double-decker burger is stuffed with two patties - one with English mustard, pickled onions, savaloy and red Leicester and the other with sauerkraut, baby gem, brie and chorizo. 

Herman Ze German's Brexit hot dog

Sausage purveyors, Herman Ze German, will be asking an important question: 'what's wurst, in or out?'. To help you answer that question, they've come up with the Big Brexit Dog, which has been named ironically, as it's half the size and double the price of everything else on the menu. It's served with Herman's own ketchup and mustard, plus plenty of raw onions. Oh, and anyone that orders it will be forced to watch a clip of Boris Johnson singing 'Ode To Joy', which will be played out through a megaphone. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Slider Decider at All Star Lanes 


Thought London would be satisfied with just one Brexit-themed battle of the burgers? Apparently not. All Star Lanes have cooked up a 'slider decider' menu, featuring a UK slider with beer-fried onions, cheddar cheese and black pudding and the EU slider with blue cheese and brussels pâté.

Fancy a non Brexit-themed burger? Chow down on your favourite burgers in London.

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