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Every picture you'll see of the #superbloodmoon today

Written by
Kate Lloyd

At 3am last night the heavens turned red with the blood of the night. The moon burned angry crimson. Guts and gore poured from the sky. The Thames turned to fire. Regents Canal filled with lizards. There were giant spiders. Voldemort was here. So was the dragon from 'The Hobbit'. The witch from 'The Sword in the Stone' popped by for pre-drinks but had two other birthdays to attend so had to leave pretty early. SUPER BLOOD MOON ARRIVED.

In case you missed all the action – FYI, Hades drunk two bottles of prosecco and passed out in Infernos again – here's the inside scoop: last night a 'super blood moon' lit up the city for the first time in 30 years. The rare spectacle happens when a a supermoon and lunar eclipse happen at the same time. Lunar eclipses make the moon turn a bold red colour and super moons happen when the moon is extremely close to Earth. So, last night's extravaganza was all set to be a bit of a rager for the sky.

And it was! We think. Pictures from the early hours of the morning range from incredible to pretty rubbish, tbh. Here's every picture of the supermoon you'll see today. 

 1. The incredible pro shot

2. The pro shot + London landmark

3. The 'so good, we're not sure if it's real' shot

4. The phone camera shot

5. The shitter phone camera shot

6. The 'is the moon even in that picture?' shot

7. The parody 


Remember the super rubbish eclipse from March? 

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