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Everyone's angry about... Crossrail 2

Isabelle Aron
Written by
Isabelle Aron

We unpick the issues that have got Londoners all riled up. This week, it's Crossrail's tricky younger sibling - Crossrail 2.

Wait, Crossrail 2? Aren't we still waiting on the first one?

The first Crossrail is set to start running in 2019, but TfL is so convinced it'll be a success that it's already working on a second line. Crossrail 2 will run between Surrey and Hertfordshire, with a new rail link across London to ease overcrowding on commuter trains.

But more trains is a good thing, no?

Not for everyone. Various London venues could be knocked down in the process - there's been an ongoing fight to save Soho's Curzon Cinema, and now campaign group No Crossrail in Chelsea is concerned about plans for a new station that would see parts of King's Road demolished.

Ah, those tricky sequels. Are those campaigning right to be worried?

Michèle Dix, TfL's managing director for Crossrail, says the Chelsea station would be 'integrated into existing buildings and so preserve the character of the King's Road'. And as for the Curzon cinema, Dix says that planning permission 'could require a replacement building including a cinema' if it's knocked down. Sure, replacing a landmark picturehouse with the vague promise of a nondescript multiplex seems reasonable, doesn't it?

Hmm... And has anyone else got a problem with it?

Er, sort of. Boris Johnson is feeling 'apprehensive', having just found out that the route would go 20 metres under his house - in an automated letter he sent out to himself. Crossrail? More like CrossFAIL. 

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