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Everything you need to remember before watching 'Broadchurch' series 3

Written by
Gail Tolley

It's been two years since DS Ellie Miller and DI Alec Hardy – played by the brilliant Olivia Colman and David Tennant – were on our telly screens in ITV's crime drama 'Broadchurch'. Now they're back. Hurrah!

But with all that time having passed you've probably forgotten what the hell happened in the first two series. To help, here's a round-up of the key things you need to remember so that you're ready to dive straight into series three without having to constantly look up details on your phone. Oh, and good news: the first episode of the new series is a corker!

*spoiler alert* If you haven't watched series one or two of 'Broadchurch' and you want to remain spoiler-free, stop reading now. Instead head to Netflix where you can catch up on the previous episodes.

1. Ellie's creepy husband dodged a prison term...

Series two ended with Ellie's husband Joe getting released from prison after being found not guilty of killing 11-year-old Danny Latimer. That verdict was mainly due to some serious gameplay from his defence team which meant his confession at the end of series one was dismissed.

2. But he didn't get away scot-free...

Determined for justice to be served, the tight-knit Broadchurch community took things into their own hands and exiled Joe from the town. They packed him off to a halfway house along with a serious threat of death were he ever to return. But will he really stay away for good? Or will he want to come back and see his kids?

Broadchurch series 3

3. Beth and Mark Latimer's relationship went through a lot..

On the night of Danny Latimer's death, his father Mark was secretly meeting up with Australian hotelier Becca. That revelation – along with the stress of Danny's death and the subsequent trial – unsurprisingly led to Beth and Mark's relationship looking dicey.

4. And it might be at breaking point...

At the end of series two Beth admitted to Ellie that she was thinking of leaving Mark and three fictional years have passed since then. 

Broadchurch series 3

5. Alec and Ellie are still partners...

Series two not only focused on the trial of the murder of Danny Latimer it also picked up on a past case of Alec Hardy's: the Sandbrook murders. This was the case that Alec was working on before he was posted to Broadchurch and involved examining the death of two young cousins. It fell apart after a key piece of evidence was stolen. Alec refuses to let the murders go unsolved and persuades Ellie to join him in re-examining the evidence. In series three, Alec has returned to Broadchurch after some time away and the dream team are back together once again.  

6. Alec has dealt with his past...

Alec faced huge criticisms for what happened with the Sandbrook case, but in solving the murders with the help of Ellie in series two he manages to fix past mistakes and deal with some of those demons which were haunting him through series one. He's now trying to have a relationship with his daughter Daisy. 

'Broadchurch' series 3 starts on Mon Feb 27 at 9pm on ITV. 

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