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Ewan McGregor backs out of 'Good Morning Britain' because of Piers Morgan

Tom Huddleston

On Saturday, almost 5 million people took to the streets to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump, and specifically his habit of saying unpleasant things about women. Among them were a number of celebrities, including Madonna, Emma Watson and Ian McKellen. Also in support, it would seem, was Ewan McGregor, who was scheduled to go on 'Good Morning Britain' this week to discuss his new movie, long-awaited sequel 'T2 Trainspotting'. But then co-host and vocal Trump supporter Piers Morgan said this on Twitter:

No stranger to childish trolling, Piers of course knew what kind of reaction he'd get, and the internet duly obliged: thousands reacted furiously, including his own co-anchor Susanna Reid.

Naturally, none of the bile seemed to affect Piers, as he continued to throw out playground insults to anyone willing to give him the attention. But perhaps this morning's reaction from one of his highest-profile celebrity guests might convince him to back down (or convince ITV bosses to rethink their hiring policy): 

We can't help but love Ewan for saying this – we'd be very happy to see more celebrities take a stand against the kind of bullying and bigotry practised by seasoned Twitter trolls. So good on you, Ewan. Stick it to the man.

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