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Fans sob after watching what could be the final 'Sherlock' episode ever

Ellie Walker-Arnott

*This article contains spoilers* 

Sherlock Holmes's 'Final Problem' aired on BBC1 last night, and left fans of the iconic detective in tears. 

Viewers sobbed (cheered, shouted and laughed) at cinema screenings of the season four finale in central London, while those watching from home expressed emotion on Twitter. 

The episode saw Sherlock, Watson and Mycroft face a series of problems set by the surprise Holmes sibling Eurus, who revealed herself in the final moments of episode two. There were shocks, deaths and the return of a fan fave: 

Not everyone was, erm, entirely convinced by the episode's plot points. 

But the sentiment of the episode left its mark. 

The future of the hit series remains uncertain. Showrunner Steven Moffat hasn't confirmed whether or not there will be more episodes (he told Time Out: 'We never said this is the last series of "Sherlock". Both Benedict and I have been interviewed recently and in both cases we said we were quite keen to continue') but last night's feature-length episode felt quite conclusive, a fact which didn't escape dedicated fans... 

Even star Louise Brealey, who plays Molly, took time to reflect being part of the show 'in case we don't make any more.'

While there's something rather final about the BBC's reaction too: 

What did you think of 'The Final Problem'? Do you think it's the last we'll see of 'Sherlock'? Let us know in the comments box below...  

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