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Fed up of annoying bright phone screens at the cinema? A new iPhone update may have a 'cinema mode'

By Time Out Film

When we asked you, dear reader, for your views on phone use in the cinema, you were loud and clear – 82 percent replied that it was totally unacceptable to use a mobile, even on silent for a cheeky text.

Now comes news that Apple might have a solution to make everyone happy. Sonny Dickson, an Apple leaker (yes that’s his job), has tweeted that the next iOS update will include a ‘theatre mode’ – for using your phone at the movies. Similar to airplane mode, the rumoured new function will apparently be activated by clicking on a popcorn icon. Dickson, who reckons the update will be released on January 10, doesn’t go into any details about how the theatre mode will work. But his tweets follow speculation that Apple has been beavering away at a ‘dark mode’, which dims the screen and silences audio.

Still, even with a dark screen and no irritating alert beeps, we’re kind of with the police in Kentucky who tasered a man for texting during a movie. Now, all we need is for Apple to come up with a way to stop the chatterers, crunchers, rustlers and insanely loud popcorn-chompers.

In other news, there's an emotional trailer for the Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds documentary 'Bright Lights'.

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