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Five of the worst outfits you'll spot in a London gym

Melissa Power

London is fashionable. That’s a fact. Except in the gym. As an exercise instructor, I get to see it all: the woman in crushed velvet flares and a suit jacket on a treadmill; the three guys having an actual picnic by the squat rack; the short-shorts (which sometimes, are a little too short). So here are five more leisure looks you might spot the next time you hit the gym. 


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The Pyjama

This outfit is more Sunday on the sofa than Sweaty Betty summer season. This person simply does not care. They'll wear a striped two-piece or a baggy t-shirt emblazoned with 'I survived Team Building 2006 Morgan Stanley’, teamed with a shapeless short or pyjama trouser. As for footwear? They're rocking the reliable and battered old Converse. Yikes. 

The Ultimate Cyclist

He will have the tightest cycling shorts in all of the land and a cycling jersey, embroidered with the name of an obscure Italian. A cycling cap will adorn his head and he will make a big deal of changing out of his normal trainers into cleated shoes before hopping on the most central bike in the spinning class 'frow' carrying a water funnel backpack. 


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The Underwear

Wearing your underwear to the gym is not necessary (unless you're Lady Gaga). This person will be wearing a ‘crop top’ (‘bra’) and workout shorts (‘knickers’). They may look fantastic – which annoys everyone else – or they may look not so fantastic. They probably did at home holding everything in with a generous Instagram filter, but on a leg press, not so much. Either way, pop a vest top on. It won’t be the temperature difference between the South Pole and the Sahara.

The 'I've Just Discovered Sports Clothes'

This person has made a decision to ‘get into fitness’ and has celebrated by visiting their local sports clothing shop. Overwhelmed by its cavernous collections, they will have bought, and then worn, everything they could reach. Their outfit will consist of: snazzy leggings, neon shorts, a breathable t-shirt, a mesh vest, weight gloves and sweatbands. They will appear triumphant at the changing room door brandishing a protein shaker and a skipping rope, then do a few sit-ups and leave. But be assured that they will depart satisfied and gleaming. Not in sweat, but in neon.

The 'Who Needs A Gym Kit Anyway?'

A look seen around the more budget London gyms. These dudes got out of bed, put their normal day-to-day clothes on and then halfway through the day decided to go to the gym. Like the bloke in a pair of jeans, some brown leather loafers, a polo shirt and his actual outside coat, merrily doing bicep curls I saw last week. Not a good look.

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