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Five pieces of life advice from the legendary Joan Collins

Kate Lloyd

Whether it's Hollywood, husbands or guest appearances on ‘Footballers’ Wives’ – Joan Collins has been there and done that when it comes to glamour. The 83-year-old has spent more than 60 years in showbusiness and even has a damehood. We sat down with the actress for this week's Time Out to talk about ‘Dynasty’ memes, paparazzi and the golden age of Hollywood. While we were there we picked up five pieces of somewhat ridiculous, but always fabulous, life advice from the star.  

1. On her life motto... 

‘“You’ve got to eat life or life will eat you.” When you’re a teenager or you’re in your twenties, thirties or even forties you don’t have any conception of how life’s going to be. It’s tough and it’s short. People don’t realise that.’

2. On the key to looking young...

‘I believe in eating but not too much. That whole thing about “clean eating” I find ridiculous. I do not have a kale smoothie with mashed pears and lemongrass in the morning, I have a croissant and a coffee.’

3. On not worrying about what you say...

‘I’m quite outspoken, I know that, but I try to be like Edith Piaf: “Je ne regrette rien”.’

4. On chat-up lines to avoid... 

[Puts on low voice] ‘Did anyone ever tell you you’re a very pretty girl?’ [Puts on high voice] ‘Nooo, I’ve never heard that before.’

5. And finally, where to find the best parties... 

‘Mine. I throw the best parties. I have great guests, I have good food. All the parties that I’ve ever given have been really good.’

Read our full interview with Joan Collins.

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