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Five reasons to be excited about the launch of the night tube on the Piccadilly line

By Time Out in association with L&Q

For folks living on the Piccadilly line, the launch of the night tube has been long time coming. Out of the five night tube lines, the Piccadilly line is the last one to join the party alongside the Central, Victoria, Jubilee and Northern lines. But TfL has finally put us out of our misery and announced that the nocturnal weekend service will start on the Piccadilly line on December 16. Here are five reasons to start getting excited.

1. You can finally ditch the night bus

Sure, going to your friend’s house party in Acton didn’t seem like a bad idea when you loyally clicked ‘attending’ on Facebook, but that was before cold, hard reality sunk in at the end of the night, and you were left facing a multiple night bus journey at 4am to get back to your flat in Manor House. As if the epic journey wasn’t bad enough, you undoubtedly get lumbered sitting between the chatty drunk and the person trying not to vom. But thanks to the arrival of the night tube, those dark days (or more accurately, nights) will soon be over.


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2. You’ll save a load of money on cabs

If you’ve already parted ways with the night bus (because let’s be honest, it’s never that appealing), you’ve probably been spending a reasonable chunk of your salary on taxis to get you home instead. But now that the night tube is in action, you’ve got a reason to curb your cab habit. The tube can even be quicker than driving for some routes, so you might even save some sweet cash and get home faster. Win win.


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3. You won’t have to rush off after seeing a West End show

Squeeze onto the Piccadilly line after seeing a West End show on a Friday or Saturday night, and you might feel like you’ve stumbled into midweek rush hour. Avoid going home in the peak post-theatre rush and carry on your evening with a leisurely drink or a late dinner instead. You’ll thank us later.


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4. It’ll be way easier (and cheaper!) to get to Heathrow in the early hours

Booking a flight at the crack of dawn always seems like a great idea at the time - you usually save some cash flying at unsociable hours and you’ll get to your destination earlier. There’s just one tiny hitch - how exactly are you supposed to get yourself to Heathrow at 4am? But now the night tube will be running all the way between Cockfosters and Heathrow Terminal 5 every ten minutes, making it way easier to catch that early flight. And hey, if you fall asleep on the way, at least the airport is the last stop.


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5. Even if you live out in zone 5 (y’know, like, Cockfosters) you’ll be able to get home easily

Always declining birthday invites or getting stuck sleeping on your friend’s sofa after a night out because you live far away? The night tube is set to change all that. Even if you live at the very start of the Piccadilly line in Cockfosters, you’ll now be able to whizz home on the tube. Although that does mean you’ll have to come up with a new excuse next time you just can’t be bothered to leave the house.

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