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Five reasons why White Port is the drink of the summer

By Time Out in association with Graham’s Port

Yes, we know it’s summer. Yes, we know your most recent encounter with port probably involved a cheese coma and Noddy Holder screaming ‘IT’S CHRIIIIIIISTMAAAAAAS!’. But seriously, the lesser-seen, paler sibling of the classic winter tipple goes down a storm on a sunny day. Here are five reasons to give it a try.


You’ll be ahead of the curve

Trendy types on the continent have been wise to the deliciousness of mixing white port and tonic for ages, which means it’s only a matter of time before it shows up at a rooftop bar in London. Get involved now and you’ll score squad points with your superior drinks knowledge.

It’s way more refreshing than you’re thinking

While red port is so comforting it’s basically a blanket in a glass, white port, when mixed appropriately, is the refreshing pick-me-up you need when the barbecue reaches its fourth round of sausages. It pairs best with lemon and lime and lots of ice.

It’s versatile

Having a big picnic? Make a big batch of white port with elderflower pressé and fresh mint in a pitcher and everyone’s happy. Dinner party? A round of white port and tonics makes a refreshingly different aperitif. Post-date nightcap? A white negroni (just switch the vermouth out for white port) is as close as you’ll get to a guaranteed deal-sealer.

It’s great with food

Like your standard, unfortified wine, white port works a treat with all manner of dishes, especially zingy Mediterranean flavours. Not convinced? Grab a £10 ticket to the tasting event we’re hosting with Graham’s Fine White Port at The Archivist and we’ll explain more, via your mouth.

Right now, you can get a great deal on the good stuff

Graham’s Fine White Port isn’t the sort of bottle you’ll find on the high street, but luckily it’s currently on offer on Amazon until August 11 while stocks last, so take advantage before the weatherman calls time on barbecue season for another year.   

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