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Five reasons you should hop aboard a boat for your next commute

Written by
Sarah Byers

If you live and work along the glorious Thames - all the way from Putney to Woolwich - you should start taking advantage of the tube on the water, otherwise known as the MBNA Thames Clippers. Here are five reasons why. 

1. If travelling from Westminster to Canary Wharf with the wind blowing in your face doesn’t wake you up for the 9am Monday morning meeting  – and clear you of any smells still residing from your weekend –  We're not sure what else will.


2. Drinking alcohol on a train, bus, or yes, even a Boris Bike is frowned upon. Drink on a boat and you have yourself a booze cruise.


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3. Local Londoners haven’t fully realised it’s potential yet, so the only other people you need to contend with are a few map-bearing tourists that it has to be said, are way too eager if they are early enough to cross your morning commuter path.

4. Impressing friends with your newfound geography knowledge. Being confined to the tube doesn’t help you know where anything actually is. On the Thames Clippers, you will suddenly realise (without having to watch the 'EastEnders' opening credits) that Parliament is, in fact, a stone’s throw away from the London Eye. Suddenly the city doesn’t seem so big and scary anymore.

5. Oyster cards can now be used on these titanic glories so, no excuses. I shall see you all bright and early, swigging some dutch courage for the working week ahead, and happy in the knowledge that you can now visit Putney by boat.


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