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Five things we've turned to while broke in London


We've all felt the pain. Those post-work pints, travelcard top ups and sky-rocketing rent. Living in London often means you're left without any cash.

But hey, being Londoners means that we're smart. Like any inhabitants of an uncontrollable climate, we've learned how to adapt to our surroundings. Here are five things Londoners are regularly guilty of in times of financial strife.

The 'something-free' January


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Meat, alcohol, sugar – it all comes with a price tag. Expenditures that you can’t quite justify when you’re tempted to strategically distribute the toilet roll in your flat share. But rather than risk attaining a lavatory-enforced nickname, we turn such luxuries into a fad. Dry January. Veganuary. Sugar-free January. Inspired sacrifices that give the impression we’re walking into 2017 as selfless souls. But in reality, we’re trying in vain to keep our overdrafts on our side.

The Borough Market sample binge


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It’s the weekend. We want to be social. Honestly we do. But when all your fridge can offer is a questionable potato that’s sprouting limbs and a pot of yoghurt that’s put so much effort into breeding a furry fungi family, you’re actually quite attached to them now, there are only so many options left. Wait, listen. Hear that? It’s the street market gods answering your cries. Come, come to our food stalls. Do eight laps, ten even, and sample each of their culinary delights until you’re so full that you’ll feel nap-ready.

Uber diets


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Ever since the home-time saviours came into our lives and changed nights out forever, we’ve known a) what time we got home and b) how we got home. So it’s only natural that we feel as though we owe every possible journey to them. It became second nature, but now you can't afford it. Being on strict emergency-only Uber dials, we’ve realised we owe a whopping big thanks to Sadiq and his recent TfL efforts. From night tube extensions to bus-hopper capping, Mr Khan, we salute you.

The bargain aisles


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By mid-week, we’re sick of leftovers. So rather than having the 'how long can you make the chicken last' competition, by week three of the month we've learned to spot yellow stickers like a hawk. And that, as we all know, is where the real challenge lies. We know the exact location of the reduced aisle to its actual GPS co-ordinates. We’re even on first name terms with Gary, the assistant with the magic price-cutting sticker machine. The battle is on. And we don’t take any prisoners.

Free fitness


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Being broke makes us act in mysterious ways. It has a hold over us and convinces us of false pretences. I mean, it makes us believe that we actually quite like running, like it could totally become our thing. Strange, right? It’s outdoorsy, it’s healthy and most importantly, it’s free. We’ve always wanted to explore more of Clapham Common, Hampstead Heath and London Fields. This enthusiasm lasts right up until you finish your first kilometre and you feel like you're about to throw up your own kidneys.

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