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Five tips to get the most out of the new Secret Cinema

Sonya Barber

The original mega immersive cinematic experience is back this month with another dose of mysterious film fun. But with tickets costing £67 a pop, and no idea what the film is, you'll wanna make sure you get make the most out of it. Here's a few tips that should help (without ruining the surprise)...


© Hanson Leatherby

Do your research

The experience starts as soon as you buy your ticket. You’ll be sent a code to access a website where you’ll be assigned your rank and instructed on costumes, arrival times etc. Have a poke around as there are clues hidden. 

© Camilla Greenwell

Come prepared

After shelling out for a ticket, you may not want spend more on your outfit but it will be worth it. People do really dress up and it makes it way more fun. Bring whatever they tell you to, and a credit card (there’s no cash accepted).

© Hanson Leatherby

Take your character seriously

Arrive promptly at your allocated time and you’ll be given a specific mission. Once you’ve completed that, you can break away and do your own thing, including finding new adventures or just visiting the bar and getting some food.


© Camilla Greenwell


This site isn’t as big as some of the previous Secret Cinemas so there's no excuse not to check out every room. Chat to everyone, ask questions, join other groups, open random doors and when you hear commotion, head over to watch key scenes played out.

© Hanson Leatherby

Get a good seat

This time the screening is a slightly different format from usual. Head in as soon as the doors open and nab a seat near to the middle of the room to get closer to the action.


© Hanson Leatherby

Don’t run off after

The film is over by 10pm but don’t head straight off after as there’s still plenty more fun to be had…

Secret Cinema runs until March 20. Get tickets now.


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