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Four types of people you’ll probably spot at an outdoor cinema event this summer

Samantha Baines

Outdoor cinema is one of the top summer activities for Londoners – so grab your blankets, pack the prosecco and get ready to spot these four types of people at an open-air film night near you.


1. The Obsessed Fan

They have the T-shirt, the cup and the novelty pen, they’ve seen the film 84 times in the cinema – but now they want to see it outdoors. You’ll be in serious trouble if you block the Obsessed Fan’s view because of something as petty as needing the toilet. And do not attempt to speak to them during the movie – they’ll be too busy quoting along. 


2. The First Daters

They have swiped and messaged and now they have to come up with a cool date idea – sitting outdoors, unable to speak to each other while watching a movie. You’ll easily spot this duo as they’ll be radiating awkwardness – either sitting uncomfortably close or far apart – and one of them will have made much more effort than the other. The First Daters will probably be drinking a lot to combat the awkward vibes. Don’t sit behind them as they may end up snogging for Britain – or at least north London – for the latter part of the film.


3. The Nature Lover

They love the outdoors so much they take their shoes off whenever they’re out of the house. They like breathing fresh air (even in London) and they’ve even tried to grow vegetables on the balcony of their east London flat. They don’t normally ‘do’ cinema but as this is all outdoors it’s allowed. The Nature Lover won’t care much about the actual film and will probably bring home-grown produce to snack on, so make friends with them if you’d like some tasty organic nibbles and chats about ‘wellness’.


4. The Party Animal

To the party animal, an outdoor gathering means drinking heavily and being noisy. But what are they celebrating? Who knows. Perhaps it’s the fact that grass, trees and bushes provide toilet options at every turn. If the outdoor movie isn’t somewhere grassy or leafy, just be happy that them throwing up on a concrete floor is better than in a bar with a carpet.

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