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FYI, the highlights from #londonfoxfortnight are too cute to handle

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Even the most jaded Londoner has to admit that spotting a fox is a bit exciting. Often confined to late nights and early mornings, the times you do catch a glimpse of them, they dash off at any slight movement.

It’s weird to imagine wildlife in our bustling city but the truth is between 10,000 to 30,000 foxes are estimated to live in London. But not everyone enjoys seeing them. In fact, they’re pretty vilified and people seem really passionate about hating or loving them. They are sometimes viewed as pests and some try to reduce the fox population through violence as opposed to safer and more humane options.

That’s why National Park City has run a two-week long campaign called London Fox Fortnight to encourage Londoners to show their love for the animals who share our city with us. The organisation has been encouraging Londoners to snap pictures of our furry neighbours and share them on Twitter with the hashtag #londonfoxfortnight. Loads of Londoners have taken to Twitter to post their photos, and some really cool videos, of foxes in their gardens, on the streets and anywhere else in London they might be seen. It’s great to see people embracing some of London’s other, non-human inhabitants – and also the pictures are extremely cute, so worth checking out. Here are some highlights... 

Words: Afrin Ahmed

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