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General Election 2017: what are the main parties’ plans for London?

James Manning

The country goes to the polls this Thursday, but what plans do the major parties have for the capital? Here’s what their manifestos say on some of London’s biggest issues.


Mentions of London: 10

Housing: Like the other major parties, the Tories plan to ban letting fees for private tenants.

Transport: It’s yes to the high-speed rail link into Euston (HS2) and expanding Heathrow, but no to Crossrail 2 – despite the last Conservative government supporting it.

Environment and air pollution: There aren’t many solid Tory pledges on this.

Policing: The Tories aim to make stop-and-search more targeted and less broad-brush.

Anything else? The Tories plan to change the way London does local elections to a fully first-past-the-post system. They also want to move lots of stuff out of the capital including Channel 4, bits of the civil service and arts funding.


Mentions of London: 9

Housing: Labour pledge to introduce rent caps and longer tenancies, ban letting fees and give the Mayor more powers, as well as helping councils build more houses.

Transport: As well as backing Crossrail 2, HS2 and airport expansion, Labour would gradually nationalise all the UK’s railways.

Environment and air pollution: The manifesto pledges a new Clean Air Act.

Policing: Labour would increase funding and tackle police discrimination against minorities.

Anything else? Jeremy Corbyn’s party also pledges to protect local pubs, post offices, independent shops and music venues.

Liberal Democrats

Mentions of London: 4

Housing: Like Labour, the Lib Dems would extend tenancies and ban lettings fees. They’d also let councils tax empty properties more heavily, and raise Local Housing Allowance.

Transport: The Lib Dems support HS2 and Crossrail 2, but oppose London airport expansion. They’d also nationalise or part-nationalise more rail services in and around London.

Environment and air pollution: A Green Transport Act and air quality plan.

Policing: The Lib Dems would roll out body cameras and recruit more officers from minorities.

Anything else? The party wants to legalise cannabis and protect live music venues. Groovy.

Green Party

Mentions of London: 0

Housing: The Greens support rent controls and renters’ unions. They’d scrap Right to Buy and would try to regulate house prices.

Transport: Unsurprisingly, the Greens are opposed to airport expansion and HS2. Instead they want to invest in walking and cycling.

Environment and air pollution: As you’d expect, the Greens are big on this: they want a new Clean Air Act and incentives to scrap diesel vehicles.

Policing: This isn’t in the short Green manifesto.

Anything else? It’s not in the manifesto either, but the Greens are fighting to keep proportional representation for the London Assembly.


Mentions of London: 3

Housing: UKIP would fix the housing crisis with factory-built modular homes: modern prefabs.

Transport: Paul Nuttall’s party would scrap the London Congestion Charge. They’d also call off HS2 and Heathrow expansion (they want to expand Marston Airport in Kent instead).

Environment and air pollution: This isn’t a priority for UKIP: they’d abolish London’s Low Emission Zone.

Policing: UKIP want to boost police stop-and-search powers to reduce knife crime in London.

Anything else? UKIP would also be reviewing licensing to further restrict when you can buy booze. Sorry, Nigel!

Now, fancy a stiff drink while the results come in? Here are London’s best election night parties.

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