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Get lost in a Mirror Maze in Peckham this week

Get lost in a Mirror Maze in Peckham this week
Victor Frankowski

A room full of mirrors might sound like the ultimate expression of #millennial #selfie #culture, but the new installation from Beyoncé and Kanye set designer Es Devlin is much more than that.


The combination of twisting walls and mirrored panels throw your sense of balance and direction off kilter. Named Mirror Maze, the piece is a collaboration with Chanel and iD magazine and it’s running at Copeland Park until September 25. Go forth and selfie. 



Clare R

After eventually finding the venue, we had to wait in a queue for an hour next to the bins, and then we finally got in. We were rushed through. The mirror maze part was alright, nicely done but you don't get lost in it, it's really quite straight forward. Then there is a funny room at then end, nothing to smell, and that was the end. Not worth the wait by the bins. The Chanel scents were nowhere to be found. It was well organised by the security team.

Juanita K

Don't bother with this - I hated it! There's security all over, we were told where to look, what to do and where to go which was sooooooooooo irritating and the last room is like an asthma attack with some red neon lights! Chucking a load of money at something and getting sponsorship from Chanel does NOT nessessarily mean art!!!