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Got the Brexit blues? Here are four nice things happening in London to cheer you up

Written by
Matt Breen

In a tumultuous couple of weeks, where everyone seems to spend each waking moment scrolling through their newsfeeds, frothing at the mouth and screaming ‘IT’S YOUR FAULT’ at the nearest bystander, it’s nice to discover a few examples of niceness in our city. Remember that word: niceness? Maybe it's about to re-enter the mainstream – we’re all in serious need of it. 

There’s a dating app for Remain voters

In the pre-Brexit days, all you had to worry about was if your Tinder date was a) incapable of face-to-face conversation, b) three feet taller or shorter than you or c) wielding a chainsaw. Now something far worse can now be added to that list: they voted THE OTHER WAY. Fortunately, the 60 percent of Londoners who voted to stay can rest easy knowing there’s a newly-created app called Remainder that caters exclusively for them. May love shower down upon the Europhiles.

Londoners give some scone love to France

What used to be said with an olive branch is these days said with calorific lumps of butter and flour, it seems. A week after the people of France delivered hundreds of croissants to St. Pancras station in an attempt to persuade the people there to vote ‘Remain’, remorseful Londoners have returned the gesture with Operation Scone: a kind of apology for sticking two fingers up to the EU. Time for some kind of croissant/scone hybrid as a symbol of strong Anglo-French relations, perhaps? The croisscone, if you will?

London closes ranks with its Europeans

An outcry of horror erupted after Hammersmith’s Polish Social and Cultural Association was discovered scrawled over with xenophobic graffiti. Fortunately, many Londoners have rushed to make clear that such sentiments belong to a tiny minority – the institution has been flooded with gifts, flowers and messages of solidary. Meanwhile, a Crystal Palace resident who gave gifts to her European neighbours as a gesture of goodwill after the referendum result has herself received gifts back from them. London: be more proud than ashamed right now.

Togetherness event

And in a great climax of warm vibes and general loveliness, the organisers of Shhh Dating – a ‘silent speed dating’ class – are organising a one-off togetherness event on July 12 at Farr’s School of Dancing in Dalston. It’s not about dating or flirtation; instead, it’s an event that uses the class's trademark eye-gazing technique to ‘celebrate what we have in common, regardless of gender, sexuality, nationality, race, vocation’ – a kind of Zen-like riposte to all the divisiveness and ill-will in the air. So put the cynicism to one side, and go get involved in some love. You know you want it.

Check out the pictures from the pro-EU rally

And in other news, Boris Johnson has become a porn star (sort of) 

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