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Happy face! Thumbs up! Pile of poo! Are you ready for a movie based entirely on emoji?

By Time Out Film

We've already had 'The Lego Movie' and 'The Angry Birds Movie' – so no one will be shocked to hear that a film built entirely around emoji is winging its way to cinemas ready for a summer 2017 release.

'EmojiMovie: Express Yourself' will imagine a city inside our mobile phones called Textopolis where all emoji live and where the film's main character, Gene (voiced by TJ Miller, the star of the sitcom 'Silicon Valley'), finds he's the only emoji in the hood not stuck with just one facial expression.

Gene's main sidekicks in his mission to become as 'normal' as other emoji will be voiced by 'Broad City' star Ilana Glazer and British actor-turned-American chat-show host James Corden.

What's the likelihood that over the course of the movie Gene will convert all his emoji compatriots to a way of life that enjoys a broad range of feelings? Just guessing.

Let's hope we'll all want to roll out the applause emoji after seeing 'EmojiMovie: Express Yourself' and not the boo-hiss thumbs-down symbol or, worse, the stinking, steaming turd.

'EmojiMovie: Express Yourself' will open in cinemas on August 11 2017.

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