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Have you seen this man? The sinister silhouette of @TheBowlerMan has been cropping up all over London

Written by
Danielle Goldstein

You may have noticed the sinister silhouette of The Bowler Man loitering around London. Decked head-to-toe in black, this shifty character stations himself in charming corners of the city when there's barely another soul about. But there's no need to be alarmed, it's simply Sean Byrne capturing stunning images for his winning Instagram account, @TheBowlerMan.

The 38-year-old started the project in October 2014, with a little help from his dad and wife on photographer duty, to show off beautiful spots of the capital in an innovative way. 'I've seen images within Instagram of lone people in London and I love them,' Byrne explains. 'My intention wasn't to make him look sinister, I was looking more for mystery with a vintage feel. I believe people connect more with images that give you the feeling of loneliness as it can provoke emotions like sadness and curiosity.'

While Byrne isn't a Londoner, he loves the city so much that he makes regular trips between his day job as a lorry driver to sustain @TheBowlerMan. Within six weeks of setting it up he'd hit 10,000 followers, and now he even has a full-time photographer, @LoveAndLife.Images, helping him out.

Byrne says he's not planning on quitting any time soon. 'As long as the passion is still there from my ever increasing following, I'll keep walking the streets of London to create more art.'

Here's a round-up of the best of @TheBowlerMan, including Byrne's top two pics.

 'This is a favourite because of the diverse mix in one image. Above you have the hustle and bustle of London as it's flooded with people and below, sitting on the steps, is The Bowler Man, alone but still content within the big city. Capturing The Bowler Man alone in London is key to create the concept I want.'


Image One. #thebowlerman Stands and wonders what decisions our government will make next to try and improve our economy #westminster #london

A photo posted by An English Gentleman in London (@thebowlerman) on

 'This was the first photo I posted and it set the tone for the rest of my images. The dark silhouette of The Bowler Man with the iconic Houses of Parliament and Big Ben was perfect to show my vision to my amassing followers.'


Image Sixty Three: #thebowlerman is back!! Apologies for his long absence, but he's been very busy. Now back with some stunning images to come. Let's start with The Brewer Staircase in Heal's Department Store (@heals_furniture), Tottenham Court Road #London. The exquisite spiral staircase was built in 1916 at the back of the building, taking customers up to the new Mansard Gallery on the fourth floor. Known as The Brewer Staircase, this beautiful structure is still a big draw for visitors and of course @thebowlerman, it's the subject of blog-posts from architecture enthusiasts who rave about its graceful sweep and honey-coloured wood. I think you would agree a great way to return to Instagram. I would also like to thank my very good friend @love_and_life_images (Patrick) for his amazing support and assistance in helping me create some new content this weekend. You can also follow me on... Twitter: thebowlerman_uk FaceBook: thebowlerman Most of these images are showcased on Twitter, Facebook and my website fully uncropped. They are also available for purchase. Feel free to take a look on my website...

A photo posted by An English Gentleman in London (@thebowlerman) on


Image Three: Standing Tall #thebowlerman in #thescoop looking at #towerbridge #London Big thank you to @London for their huge support. ??✌️

A photo posted by An English Gentleman in London (@thebowlerman) on

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