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Heathrow has made a guide to British etiquette with Stephen Fry

Heathrow has made a guide to British etiquette with Stephen Fry

If there’s one man who knows what he’s talking about in this godforsaken city, it’s Stephen bloody Fry. Just look at him – so learned; so wise. So when this tweed-clad bastion of Britishness tells you how to behave, you ought to jolly well listen, because to ignore his sage counsel is tantamount to treason.

Good news, then, for Fry has just been appointed as the official ambassador of the nation’s passive-aggressive quirks and foibles. He’s starring in a new three-minute video guide to British etiquette that’ll be shown to passengers arriving at Heathrow airport, hopefully meaning that visitors to the city shall never again ruin Londoners’ lives by failing to queue correctly or daring to differ with our appraisal of the current weather conditions.

Thinking about it though, the whole thing of cheering when someone drops a glass is a bit weird. Why do we do that?

Check out the video right here:




Ajda B

haha made me smile.. it's cute little clip. Stephen rocks , as always :) 

Vanessa M

I don NOT like queuing! I do it because it's fair and the right thing to do but I do not, have not and never will LIKE doing it!

Ann F

Oh for a Theatre etiquette guide - turn phones off, turn phones off, turn phones off.  That's about it.  Delivered by Alan Rickman in Sheriff of Nottingham garb threatening to cut out the hearts with a spoon of those who disregard the request.

Alice x

@Ann F Especially for the Opera or Ballet.  Never heard so much coughing and whispering at a theatre.  

bill c

Soft marketing by the beleaguered Heathrow. So what is the etiquette for correctly addressing being woken at 4.30 a.m. every day by incoming flights, Stephen? Build another runway and make flights 24 hour? 

bill c

@alex M Actually, I quite like Stephen Fry. But you are a total numpty if you haven't spotted that the Heathrow company is waging a desperate war to keep its expansion hopes alive. Luckily they are up against Boris Johnson, Zac Goldsmith and common sense. Heathrow is not cute and cuddly. Who are they going to hire next; James Corden?

alex M

@bill c How sad that you to see such negativity in something that was just good clean fun. Get some ear plugs or move house. Tosser.

Diego C

Absolutely beautiful. what a wonderful voice and English  :)