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Here's how you can rent out a room in a £3 million home for £1 a month

Kate Lloyd

Rupert Hunt – founder of property website Spareroom – has a couple of rooms going in his London home and is looking for people to fill them. While the Spitalfields pad is worth £3 million, he's letting potential roomies pay what for they can afford for the room.

He explains: 'I’m far more interested in finding the right people to share with, who I'll enjoy having around and add something to my life, than maximising my rent (and market rent round here would price some people out). So if you're my perfect flatmate and happen to be volunteering and can only afford £100 per month, I'd sooner take you over someone who can pay full whack but who isn't quite right.'

I know what you're thinking – there's got to be a catch right? And there is. Sort of. 

For a start, applicants have to be happy to appear in Rupert's YouTube series. Plus, his home is a bit eccentric. It has a shabby vintage design, featuring a music room with grand piano and whole load of taxidermy. This includes a giant brown bear wearing a wrestling mask.

On the plus side, there is a 'disco lounge' with party lights, a booze cupboard and large record selection. Also, each room has its own en-suite bathroom. See for yourself in Rupert's video ad below. 

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