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Here's how you could buy a 24-carat gold-plated wastepaper bin for £10 (because, why not?)

Kate Lloyd

Get ready to deck your halls with the kind of extravagant tat you never thought you'd be able to afford in your life. The owners of a £300 million mansion overlooking Hyde Park are selling off its contents piece by piece – and there's no asking price. 

The property, which was formerly home to both a Lebanese prime minister and a Saudi prince, was once the most expensive house ever marketed in the UK. Thing is, the owners haven't found any takers. Now, they're selling off 1,252 super-luxe things from the mansion in what seems like a billionaire's version of a garage sale. 

On sale: Murano glass chandeliers, Lalique crystal perfume bottles and 24 marble bathrooms 'decorated with such semiprecious stones as malachite and amethyst together with precious metals such as bronze, gold and silver'. Yup, this is Cribs circa 2005 shit. 

While most things are likely to go for a couple of hundred pounds, despite being worth ££££££££££ times infinity, there are even bigger bargains to be had. For example, if you – like me – have negative money in your Natwest former student bank account then why not splash on one of four 24-carat gold-plated wastepaper bins? They're worth £420 each but could sell for as little as a tenner. You may ask, who actually needs a 24-carat gold-plated wastepaper bin, but, surely nothing is more glamorous than discarding your rubbish in a vessel worth more than the rest of the contents of your flat combined? Just ask yourself: what would Kim Kardashian do?

The sale will take place at a luxury Knightsbridge hotel over two days in July. We'll update you with more details when we know them. 

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