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Here’s what happened in Red Nose Day’s ‘Love Actually’ sequel

Ellie Walker-Arnott

After almost 15 years, 'Love Actually' returned last night for a short Red Nose Day sequel. Lots of familiar faces from the original cast returned to fill us in on what's been happening in Richard Curtis land. Here's what they all got up to: 

Andrew Lincoln, aka serial 'Love Actually' sign holder Mark, was back with his creepy cards and the same recording of 'Silent Night' (but he's upgraded his radio for an iPod). Phew. 

Juliet (Keira Knightley) and Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor) are still happily married, while Mark has said 'I do' to... Kate Moss. 

Hugh Grant's PM is back in Downing Street. He's been re-elected after five years away and he's still dancing. 

This time to Drake's Hotline Bling. 

He's just not quite as agile or energetic as he used to be. 

Billy Mack (Bill Nighy) is still making music, but without his beloved manager Joe ('big man, big heart, big heart attack'). In 2017, it's a charity single, a cover of ZZ Top's 'Gimme All Your Lovin'. Except, you guessed it, 'we've changed the word lovin' to money.'

Rowan Atkinson is still slowing down impatient shoppers with his over-the-top wrapping skills. But he's in Sainsburys now, selling red noses. 

A turtle neck-wearing Jamie (Colin Firth) and his wife Aurelia are driving around together, reminiscing about when they used to share a car journey and not be able to say a word. Now he can speak a tiny bit more Portuguese. But his three kids are entirely fluent.

A completely grown-up, moustache-sporting Sam (Thomas Brodie Sangster) surprised his dad Daniel (Liam Neeson) in London after rekindling his romance with Joanna in New York. The former child-sweethearts are now planning on walking down the aisle. 

And the 'Love Actually' reunion ended with a rousing speech from the Prime Minister. 

'Times for many people have got harder,' he said. 'People are nervous and fearful, and it's not just in politics that things are tough; Usain Bolt has run his last Olympics, the Harry Potter films are finished, Piers Morgan's still alive.

'But let's look at the other side of the coin. Metallica's new album is an absolute cracker and on a deeper level I'm optimistic. Wherever you see tragedy you see bravery too. Wherever you see ordinary people in need you see extraordinary ordinary people come to their aid. Today's Red Nose Day and people are giving their hard earned cash to people who they'll never meet but whose pain and fear they feel and want to fight. So it's not just romantic love which is all around. Most people still, every day, everywhere have enough love in their hearts to help human beings in trouble. Good's going to win, I'm actually sure of it.'

The speech felt especially fitting in light of this week's attack in Westminster, something which Twitter was quick to point out:

So was it worth the wait? These tweeters certainly think so.

Shame about the rest of the night, eh?  

 You can watch 'Red Nose Day Actually' on BBC iPlayer

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