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Here's what the tube map will look like when the new Elizabeth line opens

Isabelle Aron
Written by
Isabelle Aron

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The Elizabeth line, Crossrail – whatever you want to call it, it's coming to London whether you like it or not. The new line won't officially open until 2019, but, much to the joy of transport geeks everywhere, UCL researcher and data scientist Oliver O'Brien has managed to unearth this new map in the dark depths of TfL's website. It's obviously not the finished product, as the rest of the network isn't going to just fade into greyscale oblivion once the Elizabeth line launches, but it gives an idea of how the new service will slot into the existing tube map.

As you can see, things are getting a little crowded on the map these days. But hey, it's not launching for another two years, so there's plenty of time for all you cartography enthusiasts to come up with a load of alternative (read: better) designs.

In other transport news, you can now use Android Pay on public transport.

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