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Holborn tube station is trialling standing on both sides of the escalator for six months

Written by
Isabelle Aron

Back in November last year, we brought you the unsettling news that staff at Holborn had totally scrapped one of London's most sacred rules – standing on the right of the tube escalators. We know, we were shocked too. But in even more shocking news, the three-week trial apparently showed that standing on both sides of the escalator is actually faster than walking. Yes, really. At least, that's what science says.

And now TfL has decided to go ahead with a six-month trial at Holborn station, where one of four escalators will be standing-only at all times and another escalator will follow the new rules for certain times throughout the day. Tube staff will be given megaphones to make sure travellers are doing as they're told, although for people who don't like change (or standing still) there will be one 'up' escalator where the old rules still apply. Phew.

In other tube news, tube drivers have accepted a deal for the night tube.

And this alternative tube map shows the average house price at every station.

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