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How to scam the scammers: comedian James Veitch replies to those annoying emails

james veitch press 2014
© Patrick Cadell

Ever received a suspicious email about your PayPal account, or from a Nigerian prince? Of course you have, you're a human with an email address. 

Most of us instantly press 'delete', but James Veitch hits 'reply'. The Apple 'genius'-turned-stand-up comedian spent months responding to scammy emails and he published the ridiculously funny online exchanges on his blog, Bluffable. Then they became the subject of his live show, and now they've been curated into a book, 'Dot Con', which is out on August 13 (Quandrille, £7.99.)

To give you a quick taste of his internet larks, here's one of our favourites from the book. A classic 'marooned' case, otherwise known as 'An email from a friend. They made a spontaneous and unannounced trip to a remote part of the world. Now they're in trouble. Can you help?'

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 'Dot Con' by James Veitch is published August 13, by Quandrille, priced £7.99. He's currently performing his new show, 'Genius Bar', at the Edinburgh Fringe.




Terry B

This is GENIUS LOL loved it

Jojo j

I prefer to drag scammer on, eventually telling them I sent them the money UPS or DHL over night to the Hotel directly.  I put the cash in the envelop I shipped . 

The scammer starts freaking at that point. 

then  I tell them, I forgot to put the note inside with the instructions on what the hotel is to do with the money.


Freaking brilliant, I just LMAO. The plot, the milk maid, the robot, the publisher and the cover design everything was too good and very entertaining. The whole conversation just adds to people's lives and I loved the way it ended.